Why I wear Elasticated Bras

“Do not use an elasticated girth – It makes your saddle unstable”  frequently heard quoted, especially for those keg shaped horses and ponies.


That is like saying you should wear a non-elasticated bra… Imagine it?  Last time I looked – my ribcage expanded everytime I breathe.

I frequently go on saddle fits and discover non-elasticated girths (or the supposedly elasticated Wintec girths with limited stretch)…

Hang on – you may say – Elasticated girths haven’t featured for long… This is true…  Previously we used leather or string girths that had stretch built in – no where near as much as the modern elastic but natural fibres are generally able to mould and adapt where synthetic fibres aren’t as pliable.  And why shouldn’t your horse benefit from new discoveries – like elastic.

First up – you having issues with saddle fit, check you are putting it in the right place (see other FAQ on this) then

Secondly – check your girth!!

Are you overtightening and giving your horse a wasp appearance?

The news is out that if you need to overtighten your girth to stop the saddle slipping chances are that your tree shape isn’t correct for your horse.  [Through normal riding, we will cover mounting soon!]

Thirdly – Check your girth again!  How much stretch  is there?  Then remember spending a day in a bra that is too tight….  Are you getting where I am heading?

There are things in life that shouldn’t stretch (stirrups are a good example) – but there are others that have been revolutionised by elastic providing comfort… Girths and Bras.

You would never expect Winx to go non-elastic – why expect your horse.