Where to put the Saddle?

Surprisingly this is one of the most common issues I find when I go out saddle fitting… I even get callouts as people are having the issue of the saddle slipping back.

The saddle tree point needs to sit behind the shoulder.

Where is the Shoulder?
Feel it – some horses are more defined than others.



If it is difficult then get someone to lift front leg and move it back and forward.

What is the Tree Point?

Where is the Tree Point?

It is near the front of the saddle – lift the flap and take a peek.
It isn’t necessarily the front of the saddle – look at jumping saddles that have all that flap compared to a dressage saddle.

Why is the Tree Point placement so important?
The tree point is a solid part of the tree. It’s length can vary according to the type of saddle and the horse it is to fit. Some trees have flexible tree points. Some trees have rear angled tree points.
Without going into a Muscular-Skeletal and Body Dynamics lesson (that’s what you pay me to know right?) Solid, immovable parts of a saddle must connect with less movable parts of the horse. Therefore a tree point sitting on the shoulder (which moves every stride) doesn’t work.