What if I live a long distance away?

If you live beyond the saddle fit region or need something urgently we are happy to courier saddles for trial. Please note that shipping costs are entirely the responsibility of the customer. We have access to competitive courier rates (generally around $50, but will quote first) so please contact us. Obviously the more information you can provide the better chance of finding a saddle that works.

Trial Tips
Provide a daytime address (like work) for courier so you receive the saddle as soon as possible and aren’t delayed by no one to receive delivery.

Take Photos! – Your saddle, my saddle, prior to ride, after ride.
Look at sweat patterns – are there dry patches, ruffled patches (photograph if not sure)
FEEL what is happening – do you feel tipped forward or backward? Can you easily get your legs on the horse. Does your horse feel invigorated or sloth like?

Visa or Mastercard must be given for freight. This will also be held as security (but not charged) until a decision is made about the saddle.

Please note: by trialling a saddle you are agreeing to our Trial Saddle Policy – It can be read here