What happens at a saddlefitting?

At a Saddlefitting we generally start with a few questions and looking at the horse – from the anatomy, muscling and topline to hooves.  We are very hands on as this gives a better idea of what is happening with the horse.

Then we’ll look at the current saddle and decide if it can be made to fit. We are happy to point out why a saddle doesn’t work.

Assessments normally take 1.5 hours and involves measurements, photos and seeing the horse move and work under saddle – be prepared to ride the horse as a horse static (standing still) can be a very different saddle fit to a horse moving.

We are happy to change saddles, back to original saddle etc to find the best solution for you and your horse.

Whilst we are fitting to the horse today – we are also mindful of changes that might take place over the next few months.  Often once a fitting saddle is used there will be muscular changes in your horse.

If we have a demo saddle that works then there is the option to leave the saddle for a week trial (or book in a trial period if it isn’t possible to leave that saddle).