Sell your Saddle

Got saddles collecting dust? Sick of trying to advertise them?

There are a couple of options if you have a saddle for sale.
First – We sometimes buy outright.
Second – We can take your saddle on consignment.

Why send us your saddle?

  • We are out fitting horses and ponies and often come across those that do not have the money to get a new saddle that would love to buy secondhand.
  • We handle the all the enquiries, sending out etc.  You do not need to worry other than the initial shipping.
  • We always have client lists for saddles so chances are we already have someone interested in your saddle.
  • You get what you want for the saddle – pick the price, we add our saddlematching fee to the price you want (this fee ranges from $50 – $250).
  • Your saddle gets a nationwide audience.  It has it’s own page on our website and doesn’t get ‘lost’ on those fast moving Facebook pages

Any other fees?
No – unless you are GST registered. Please advise us of this as we need to retain 10% of your sell price for the ATO.

How safe is it?
We require full payment for the saddle prior to shipping for trial. See our Trial Saddle Policy on the website.

What brands are you looking for?
Any European, Australian or UK made saddle will be considered. We reserve the right to reject any saddles that do not fit within our fitting or condition criteria.
Brands including Passier, Syd hill, Bates (only Australian made models), Wentworth, Pessoa (non-easy change), Crosby, Anky (non-easy change).

What happens if I want the saddle back?
This is fine – You just need to cover return shipping. There is a $50 handling fee if saddle is returned within the first 90 days.